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Chemical Injection

Chemical Injection and Corrosion Monitoring go hand in hand and are vital to defend against the devastating effects of corrosion in regards to safety and asset life. Knowing when and how much chemicals should be used for treatment will avoid any uncertainty and is fundamental to any preventative and proactive asset integrity program.

Complete corrosion control is at the heart of Cosasco’s offering. With a wide variety of chemical injection access options and chemical delivery methods and devices, Cosasco is your one stop shop for controlling corrosion. Our chemical injection offering coupled with real-time data from our online integrated intrusive and non-intrusive corrosion monitoring chemical inhibitor injection levels can be automatically adjusted based on a fluctuation in corrosion rate in real time. The effects of the inhibitor can be seen almost immediately by the reduction in corrosion rate, assuring accurate dosing every time.

View and download an a complete overview of our Chemical Injection and Management offering.