RSL Retriever Kit

Cosasco RSL Retriever is a precision tool which allows safe, easy insertion and removal of various equipment and tools through a Cosasco Access Fitting, without de-pressurizing the pipeline or vessel.

Used in conjunction with a Cosasco Service Valve, system pressure is safely ported into the tool which allows the valve to be opened and the retrieval operation to be performed.  Rotation and translation in and out of the fitting is controlled by two adjustable handles.  No movement or telescoping of the tool body is necessary, requiring less clearance area than standard retrievers.

To ensure safe working practices, a Back Pressure Pump must be used with all Cosasco Retrievers when pressure equalization is not achieved by normal operating procedures. Pressure equalization is crucial to ensure safe removal of the plug assembly from the access fitting.


  • Pressure Rating — Two models available:
    - 2500 PSI (17.2 MPa)
    - 6000 PSI (41.3 MPa)
  • Temperature Rating — 15°F - 400°F (-26°C - 204°C)
  • Back Pressure Pump can assist with pressure equalization
  • Short length – non-telescoping design
  • Compatible with industry standard Cosasco access fittings
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Meets NACE MR0175 and MR0103
  • Cosasco Systems Safety Awareness Training available

Safety Bulletin: RSL Retriever

If you have purchased an RSL Retriever from Cosasco or other supplier, please click here to read important safety information in regards to the use of the Magnetic Swab Assembly. The Cosasco Magnetic Swab Assembly (Cosasco part number 121870) is a retrieval accessory used in conjunction with the Cosasco Hot Tap Tool, to remove hot tap cuttings from an access fitting before installing a device. If proper procedures are not followed during the swab operation, the Swab can potentially become detached from the retriever.

Product News Bulletin

Cosasco RSL/HRSL Retrievers manufactured August 23, 2004 through July 1, 2013: Free RSL Retriever upgrade for existing bottom-of-the-line users. Click here for more information. For further details the following two reports are available:

  • Cosasco RSL Debris Test Report
  • Cosasco RSL Inspection Report


  • Allows safe, easy insertion and removal of various equipment and tools while the pipeline or vessel is under pressure
  • Used in conjunction with Cosasco Service Valve


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