Complete confidence in corrosion management

We exist to be the most complete and precise solution to measure and monitor corrosion. Not only do we improve the safety of people and the environment, we protect assets and enhance the bottom line of our customers.

70+ Years

Pioneering corrosion management

110 Countries

Where Cosasco is trusted

1 Million +

Monitoring locations

“There are a lot of companies that supply equipment. There aren’t so many companies that are capable of providing the full service of both supply and service, which is one of the reasons why we use Cosasco – because they provide the full servicing.”

– Cosasco Customer, Corrosion Engineer, Supermajor

Always know what’s happening inside your pipes. Better data means better decisions.

Cosasco is the only company that is exclusively dedicated to corrosion management with a complete product and service offering giving you real-time and precise data to make the best decisions.

Greater intelligence reduces:

  • Harmful and damaging leaks
  • Unplanned shutdowns and repairs
  • Frequent and costly manual inspections

Cosasco helps engineers improve:

  • Safety
  • Asset performance
  • Savings from optimizing chemical injections
  • Uptime through enhanced decision making
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Products and Technologies for Every Application

For over 70 years, we’ve made the most dependable, accurate corrosion monitoring products and systems.

Echo Point

High Temp Wireless Monitoring

Certified for the most hazardous of environments. Three transducer choices with up to 3x sensitivity, thru-coating measurements, or ultra-high temperature @ 932°F (500°C).

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Rouge Monitoring Solution

Accurate measurement of ultralow rouging rates in stainless steel systems.

Cosasco's Wireless Rouge Monitor System measures in real-time the rouge rate and rouge accumulation (metal loss) over time helping to determine derouging and passivation frequency based on empirical data.

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Fast, accurate data for confident decision-making

Microcor’s high sensitivity intrusive probe delivers the fastest response time in the industry by combining the rapid response of LPR and the universal applicability of ER.

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Access Systems

The industry’s most trusted access system

The Cosasco access system is the worldwide standard for high pressure access fitting systems and tools for accessing pipes under pressure up to 6,000 psi (41 Mpa) and 450° F (232° C).

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“Cosasco is a very strong brand in this business...
I know that they have high quality products.”

– Cosasco Customer, Corrosion Engineer, Supermajor

Service and Support at Every Step

Monitoring takes a complete team and we’re the only company who has one.

Design & Documentation

Cosasco technicians partner with EPCs, Design Engineers, and Corrosion Engineers to identify the optimal probe placement and monitoring devices based on the system and operator needs.


Cosasco’s factory-trained team installs and configures the corrosion monitoring and chemical injection systems to ensure they’re correctly setup and providing the data needed.

Service & Maintenance

Routine system maintenance and servicing performed by the best trained technicians in the industry.

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“In each of these sites we have experienced field personnel. So, we’re not just there to install and commission projects. We’re also here for the lifetime that the equipment is in service.”

– Cosasco Representative, Dubai

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