Corrosion Monitoring Services

Cosasco is the only company with the experience, reputation, and global reach able to support all your corrosion monitoring requirements. Whether you are establishing a new corrosion management program, maintaining existing assets, or looking for solutions, Cosasco is your trusted partner.  We have experienced in-house experts across the globe ready to respond to all your corrosion management needs.

“Cosasco is capable of providing the full package of both product supply and service with a history of quality and reliability. That is why we use Cosasco.”

– Cosasco Customer, Corrosion Engineer, Supermajor

The Cosasco Commitment

Since 1950, Cosasco has been dedicated to developing innovative corrosion monitoring solutions enabling our customers to make the best decisions for the  health of their critical infrastructure. Matching our commitment to innovation is our dedication towards supporting you in the field with an experienced and trusted team located around the world supporting you where you are. Our services teams are highly trained, focused on safety, and committed to solving your corrosion monitoring challenges. Whatever you need, we will work with you.

Our Services Include: