Corrosion Program Development

With over 70 years of distinguished corrosion monitoring experience, we can support all your program development needs.

“The precision and reliability of Cosasco’s monitoring equipment helps you determine when you have to make changes to how you operate. It can be chemical treatment, or it can be other parameters... increasing temperature, decreasing separation, etc. Having this data helps you determine what changes are needed.”

– Corrosion Engineer

Corrosion Program Development

Cosasco has a history of innovation, a portfolio of products, and application experience to support your corrosion management needs. This enables our customers to get the data they need to make the most educated decisions on their corrosion, erosion, and chemical injection equipment, saving them both time and money. Our guidance is based on 70+ years of experience committed to providing the highest quality and unique solutions for your specific needs.

Features & Applications

  • Field assessments to support the identification of corrosion monitoring locations
  • Program guidance or specification development
  • Operation and maintenance guidelines for existing corrosion monitoring systems
  • Design and customize access fitting assemblies ensuring appropriate metallurgy and sealing components
  • Guidance on selecting the best intrusive and non-intrusive monitoring systems