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Innovation is core to who we are.

We have a strong innovation pipeline, so there is more to come soon. Our new ideas start with real-world problems. If you have a corrosion problem and wish there were a solution, be sure to tell us.

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Design great user experiences

Data that’s difficult to interpret is difficult to trust.  We’re always improving ease-of-use for our systems and data to enable quicker, more confident corrosion management decisions.

Enable the quickest decision making

The future of corrosion is being proactive at the right time and this requires real-time access to the right data. Cosasco offers a variety of data integration solutions.

Deliver results you can trust

The consequences of corrosion are significant. We offer the most accurate and reliable products to give you confidence in your corrosion management decisions.

Find and solve the most complex problems

Our local experts are on the frontlines discovering the challenges that matter most. Our innovations will directly address these.

“There is a difference in terms of the user friendliness of the equipment… Cosasco has user friendly software.”

– Cosasco Customer, Corrosion Engineer, Supermajor