Echo Point

High Temp Wireless Monitoring

Echo Point is Cosasco’s newest technology that pushes the boundaries of wireless ultrasonic monitoring. Ultrasonic transducers powered by off-the-shelf batteries communicate using WirelessHART to compatible gateways. An integrated thermocouple with a temperature correction algorithm provides high-accuracy measurements.

Up to 3x
More sensitive
5-Year Battery Life
with 2 readings/day
932°F (500°C)
to -40°F (70°C)

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Echo Point Features & Benefits

Two transducer choices for maximum flexibility

High Sensitivity Duals are ideal for monitoring identified volumetric defects for maximum thin-wall sensitivity.

Ultra-High Temp has specialized coupling technology to monitor the hottest processes.


Communication & Integration

Echo Point uses WirelessHART to communicate directly with certified gateways to Cosasco Data Online. Cosasco Data Online supports back-end communication via HART-IP, Modbus TCP/IP, or OPC to DCS and SCADA systems. Echo Point integrates with Cosasco Data Online to offer advanced analytics and seamlessly integrates with other Cosasco devices.

Wireless Transmitter

Each Echo Point Sensor is fully wireless and configured to collect readings at a user-defined interval (default is every 12 hours). Devices connect to compatible WirelessHART network gateways. Batteries are designed to run for five years and are replaceable with off-the-shelf lithium batteries.


The sensor node attaches easily to the component’s outer surface with clamps or a magnetic base and can be modified for lower profile requirements


Two transducer choices are available for maximum flexibility in options. All transducers are designed with a minimum high temperature of 275°F (135°C) and Ultra-High Temp has a maximum of 932°F (500°C).


High Temperature & Ultra High Temperature Transducer Specifications

* External FBE and homogenous PU/PE/PP coatings

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