Preventative Maintenance

Optimize the life and reliability of your corrosion monitoring products with regular maintenance and troubleshooting.

“Cosasco is our preferred provider; they are safe, efficient, and professional. Not only do they look after their own products, but they are able to support all our needs regardless of the manufacturer or age of the system.”

– Facility Integrity Manager, End User

Preventative Maintenance

With vital information and field data in hand, preemptive measures can be taken to reduce risks and increase the overall safety and integrity of critical assets. Our experts provide both on-site and remote support from locations across the world, whenever and wherever you need it.

Features & Applications

  • Post-service pressure testing
  • Chemical injection flow rate assurance
  • Server maintenance
  • Access fitting sealing faces & thread repairs
  • Nitrogen testing & pressure build-up tests
  • Preventative maintenance on abandoned access locations
  • Pressure retaining seal replacements
  • Probe element inspection & maintenance 
  • Pressure retaining covers (PRC) maintenance
  • Thorough examination of transmitter & datalogger battery-powered and storage reading units
  • Servicing and maintenance of client owned retrieval equipment