Data Acquisition & Analysis

Corrosion rate interpretation, coupon analysis and reporting for fast and accurate decision making.

“We installed Cosasco’s Microcor product and we were able to see the response of our chemical injection allowing us to optimize our dosing. The precision of the readings allowed us to optimize chemical dosing, avoid further corrosion and reduce costs.”

– Corrosion Engineer

Data Acquisition & Analysis

Understanding the rate of corrosion of your assets in real-time is critical to making the best long-term decisions. Cosasco has the technology and expertise to collate, evaluate, and interpret your corrosion monitoring data so that you can see the complete picture, allowing for faster and more accurate decision making.

Cosasco Data Online (CDO) is a data management software with enhanced analytics designed specifically for corrosion management personnel.

Features & Applications

  • Analysis of data including historical trending and correlation of corrosion rate with additional operating conditions and chemical dosing rate changes
  • Extrapolation of corrosion rate to determine asset end of life
  • Detailed reporting of findings including recommendations
  • Coupon analysis and reporting including pitting depth & weight loss analysis
  • Evaluation of the presence and impact of microbials/MIC
  • Non-intrusive wall thickness profiling
  • Corrosion mitigation through chemical injection processes
CDO Datasheet