Installation & Commissioning

We safely and effectively install your corrosion monitoring products to produce quality data that is integral to your maintenance program.

“Cosasco was heavily involved with the commissioning of our facility at the shipyard and then followed up for final commissioning during the platform hook-up stage. They made sure our team was fully trained and that the data was integrating into our systems.”

– Commissioning Engineer, Offshore Platform End User

Installation & Commissioning

Ensure safe and proper installation of your new corrosion monitoring systems including seamless integration of corrosion, erosion, and metal loss data into all host systems. Our service technicians are subject matter experts and deploy the latest technology with HSE quality standards to ensure adequate asset control.

Features & Applications

  • Cosasco Data Online (CDO) software implementation for data analytics
  • Automation and integration of data into customer platforms including DCS, SCADA, PLC
  • Operations and maintenance program support
  • Configuration and calibration of monitoring systems including data collection frequency
  • Access to network and data communication experts
  • On-Site training
  • Integration and automation specialists