Back Pressure Pump

Access fittings located on bottom-of-the-line or near bottom-of-the-line positions may be packed with accumulated debris that can obstruct line pressure from passing into the retriever, thereby preventing pressure equalization.

To ensure safe working practices, a Back Pressure Pump must be used with all Cosasco Retrievers when pressure equalization is not achieved by normal operating procedures. Pressure equalization is crucial to prevent uncontrolled stroking, and to ensure safe removal of the plug assembly from the access fitting.

"Back Pressuring" pressurizes the retriever to a pressure slightly higher than the line pressure, thereby preventing a surge of pressure when the plug assembly is removed. Back pressuring also helps to loosen and push back any debris that may have accumulated in the access fitting.


  • Compatible with all Cosasco® RBS/RBSA/RSL/HRSL Retrievers
  • Quickly and safely pressurizes retriever, equalizing pressure between line and tool to prevent pistoning
  • Should always be used on locations below center-of-the-line
  • Must be used with HRSL Retriever on all locations
  • Back Pressure to minimum of 10% above line pressure for retrieval
  • Allows for final pressure test
  • Back pressuring helps loosen accumulated debris from access fitting
  • By-pass port back up
  • Cosasco Systems Safety Awareness
  • Training available


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