RBS Retriever Kit

The Cosasco RBS Retriever is a precision tool which allows safe, easy insertion and removal of various equipment and tools through a Cosasco Access Fitting, without de-pressurizing the pipeline or vessel.

Used in conjunction with a Cosasco Service Valve, the tandem hook-up allows line pressure to slowly bleed into the retriever’s inner assembly. The resulting balanced pressure allows easy insertion and retrieval under full operating pressures up to 6000 PSI (41.3 Mpa) when used with a 6000 PSI Service Valve.

To ensure safe working practices, a Back Pressure Pump must be used with all Cosasco Retrievers when pressure equalization is not achieved by normal operating procedures. Pressure equalization is crucial to prevent uncontrolled stroking, and to ensure safe removal of the plug assembly from the access fitting.


  • Pressure Rating — 6000PSI (41.3 MPa)
  • Temperature Rating — +450°F (+232°C)
  • Back Pressure Pump can assist with pressure equalization
  • Pressure-balanced design with field-proven reliability
  • Meets NACE MR0175 and MR0103
  • Cosasco Systems Safety Awareness Training available


  • Used for any convenient number of Cosasco access monitoring points such as in a refinery, producing field, or platform
  • Allows safe, easy insertion and removal of various equipment and tools


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