ANSI Flange RF Hydraulic Access Fitting Assemblies 57H

The Flanged Hydraulic Access Fitting is designed to be mounted on a 2" ANSI Flange RF.  Pressure rating is determined by flange size.

When the hydraulic method of retrieval is preferred, the Cosasco Hydraulic Access System offers several advantages over other hydraulic access fittings, including a corrosion resistant locking pin system and a HRSL retrieval tool that can be used for both mechanical and hydraulic 2” system access fittings.

Learn about Cosasco SAFR Services to protect and lengthen the life of your Access Fittings!


  • Mounting — 2" ANSI Flange RF
  • Probe Retrieval Under Pressure With the Cosasco HRSL Tool (non- telescopic) and Standard Cosasco 6000 PSI Service Valve
  • Retaining Pin, Moisture and Debris Protection Caps Included
  • Standard Temperature Rating with Viton/Teflon Seals:
    From -15° F (-26° C) Up To +400° F (+204°C)
  • Available Temperature Rating with Optional Seals:
    From -70° F (-56° C) Up To +450° F (+232°C)
  • Pressure Rating — As Flange Size
  • Meets NACE MR0175 and MR0103
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) Certified


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