Hot Tap Kit HTK

The Cosasco corrosion monitoring Hot Tap Kit, (Part No. 126248), is designed to provide a means of adding the Cosasco Access System to any pipeline or vessel already on stream without shutdown and without product loss. Cosasco recommends Access Fitting locations be planned for during the original design stage of the project, and installation performed prior to flow operations. However, the Hot Tap offers a safe, reliable method of trepanning a clean hole into the pipe vessel when access is desired or required later, when it is impractical to shut down. Cosasco corrosion protection Hot Tap Kits are in use aroudn the world – providing internal corrosion monitoring in the extreme environment conditions of Alaska and North Sea to those of the Middle and Far East. Even under these varying extremes, the Cosasco internal corrosion monitoring Hot Tap requires little special care and maintenance other than that given any precision tool. The cutters can be resharpened for longer life. The number of cuts depends largely on the hardness of the steel to be cut, and on the rate of feed while trepanning.

This corrosion monitoring kit provides reliable and convenient corrosion control products in a kit. Contact Cosasco for a quote.


  • Meets NACE MR0175 and MR0103
  • Pressure Rating — 3600 PSI (24.8 MPa)
  • By-Pass Bleed Valve Provides Safe Pressurization
  • Complies with API 6FA and API 607 as a Fire-Safe Unit
  • Seal Options Available for Temperature Ratings Up to +450 ºF (+232ºC)
  • Compact Design


  • Designed to provide a means to any pipeline or vessel already on stream without shutdown and without product loss
  • Used around the world from the extreme environmental conditions of the North Sea to the Middle East


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