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Cosasco Device Length Calculator

Updated Version 1.0.7  Now Available

Click here to download the Cosasco Device Length Calculator 

Note: In order to run the Device Length Calculator you will require Java, please click here to download.


Version 1.0.7

  • Updated model information to match product catalog.

Version 1.0.5

  • Corrected the sizing of 6080 probes in “opposite access fitting “ locations which were being sized 1.25” too short. The reason for the miscalculation is that different LPR probes have different probe length definitions while some include the elements like the 6080, and some do not like the 7012 and 8012. This is not a common location for the probe and the calculations were on the safer-side and thus was not detected earlier.
  • Added a listing function that enables computed lengths to be added to a list for viewing, saving and printing from Excel. This will be a useful record for the order file.  Each computation can be added to the list with the “Add” button and the complied list viewed through the “View” button.  The list does not print directly, but can be saved as a CSV file for opening, modifying or adding header information as required an then print from Excel.

Version 1.0.4

  • Corrected Injection and sampling nut size for Model 52 Access Fittings due to it being determined by body height and not access fitting height with weldolet.
  • "Middle of the Line" and "Opposite Access Fitting" calculations have been added for the 6202 Cosasco® Two-Inch System: Disc Coupon Holder Coupons.

In an effort to make product selection easier for our customers we are pleased to release the new Cosasco Device Length Calculator (DLC). The DLC is a quick any easy way to figure out the length of mechanical probe or device based upon your specific pipeline specifications. The DLC can be used to calculate lengths for:Cosasco Device Length Calculator

Coupon Holders
6200 COSASCO® Two-Inch System: Strip Coupon Holder
6202 COSASCO® Two-Inch System: Disc Coupon Holder
6203 COSASCO® Two-Inch System: Multi-Disc Coupon Holder
6204 COSASCO® Two-Inch System: Ladder Strip Coupon Holder

Injection & Sampling Tubes
6300 COSASCO® Injection Tube 1/4" NPT X Quill
6301 COSASCO® Sampling Tube 1/4" NPT X Open
6302 COSASCO® Injection Tube 1/4" NPT X 1/4" NPT (Perpendicular Nozzle)
6304 COSASCO® Injection Tube 1/4" NPT X HEAD (Axial Nozzle)

Microcor® Retrievable Probes
M4500 MICROCOR® Probe: HP Cylindrical Element
M4700 MICROCOR® Probe: HP Fixed Flush

Microcor® Retractable & Fixed Probes
M2500/M2500HT MICROCOR® Probe: Cylindrical Element
M2510 MICROCOR® Probe: Cylindrical Element
M2520/2520HT MICROCOR® Probe: Cylindrical Element
M2700 MICROCOR® Probe: Flush Element
M2705 MICROCOR® Probe: Flush Element
M2715 MICROCOR® Probe: Flush Element with 3000# Threadolet
M2720 MICROCOR® Probe: Flush Element
M2725 MICROCOR® Probe: Flush Element
M3500/3500HT MICROCOR® Probe: Cylindrical Element
M3700 MICROCOR® Probe: Flush Element
M3705 MICROCOR® Probe: Flush Element

ER  Retractable & Fixed Probes
2500/2500HT CORROSOMETER® Process Probe
2520/2520HT CORROSOMETER® Process Probe
2700/2705 CORROSOMETER® Fixed Flush Element Probe
3500/3500HT CORROSOMETER® Retractable Process Probe
3504/3504HT CORROSOMETER® Small Diameter Retractable Process Probe
3700/3705 CORROSOMETER® Retractable Process Probe

ER Retrievable Probes
4500 CORROSOMETER® High Pressure Retrievable Probe
4700 CORROSOMETER® High Pressure Fixed and Adjustable Probe
4705 CORROSOMETER® High Pressure Retrievable Probe

LPR Retrievable Probes
6080 CORRATER® Retrievable High Pressure Two-Electrode Probe

LPR Retractable & Fixed Probes
6112 CORRATER® Laboratory LPR Probe
7012/7022 CORRATER® Two-Electrode LPR Probe
7212/7222 CORRATER® Two-Electrode LPR Probe
8012/8022 CORRATER® Retractable Two-Electrode Probe

Retrievable Erosion Probes
S4500 QUICKSAND™ Probe: HP Cylindrical Element
S4700 QUICKSAND™ Probe: HP Angled Flush Element

Note: In order to run the Device Length Calculator you will require Java, please click here to download.


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