Retrievable Process Electrical Resistance (ER) Probe 4500

Model 4500 probe is available with a durable construction and incorporating a connector with shrouded pins to prevent accidental damage. It is recommended for all new installations. This new style incorporates welded shields where required and requires a different probe connecting adaptor (see order details).

The Model 4500 Electrical Resistance (ER) probe is the most rugged mechanically and the least affected by temperature fluctuations.

Device Length Calculator

Need help figuring out what length ER Probe is required based on your pipeline size and application? Try Cosasco's new Device Length Calculator.


  • Cylindrical Element Form for Aggressive Environments
  • Suitable for Systems With Pressures up to 6000 psi
  • Rugged Design
  • Ideal for High Pressure and Temperature Applications
  • New Type “S” Connector Prevents Accidental Damage
  • Optional Shields for High Velocity Flow



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