Retrievable Flush Element Electrical Resistance (ER) Probe 4705

Model 4705 probe is available with a durable construction incorporating a connector with shrouded pins to prevent accident damage. It is recommended for all new installations. This new style incorporates welded shields where required and requires a different probe connecting adaptor (see order details).

The rugged probe body is 316L Stainless Steel. It may be used at operating pressures to 6000 PSI (41.3 MPa) and temperatures to +500° F (+260° C).

Device Length Calculator

Need help figuring out what length ER Probe is required based on your pipeline size and application? Try Cosasco's new Device Length Calculator.


  • Flush Probe Element Ideal for Bottom-of-the-line Applications and Pigged Lines
  • Suitable for Systems With Pressures up to 6000 psi
  • Rugged Design
  • Ideal for High Pressure and Temperature Applications
  • New Type “S” Connector Prevents Accidental Damage


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