LPR Probe 6112

This LPR probe model is ideally suited for laboratory testing or light duty plant operations in a bypass rack where removal under system pressure is not required. For heavier duty plant operation see Model 7012 or 7022.

This LPR probe employs two replaceable identical electrodes which are mounted at the end of the probe by threaded, insulated studs. Two electrode probes are suitable for the majority of problems where LPR techniques are applicable.

Device Length Calculator

Need help figuring out what length LPR Probe is required based on your pipeline size and application? Try Cosasco's Device Length Calculator.


  • Ideal for Laboratory Testing and Light Plant Operations (low pressure)
  • Provides Direct Control of Inhibitor Addition
  • Uses Two Replaceable Electrodes
  • Mounting - Optional Adjustable Nylon Swage Fitting


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