AquaMate® Portable LPR Corrosion Rate Instrument

The Aquamate™ is your best answer to the problem of getting quick and easy corrosion rate measurements in water systems. Simply plug the hand-held instrument into a LPR probe and press the measure key. In a few minutes the readout will display the corrosion rate in mils per year (MPY), the imbalance reading, conductivity, and, if you're using a ER Temperature LPR probe, the water temperature. The Aquamate™ instrument's patented Solution Resistance Compensation extends the low conductivity operating range from cooling water to condensate, feedwater, and drinking water systems. Manual conductivity correction is not required. The true corrosion rate will conveniently be displayed when the alloy multiplier is pre-programmed. In addition, the Aquamate™ measures the imbalance current between the electrodes, which is related to pitting activity. The instrument fits easily in a shirt pocket and is powered by a single 9 volt battery. Considering the features and size, this instrument sets a new standard for portable corrosion rate monitoring instrumentation.


  • Corrosion Rate Monitoring
  • Imbalance (Pitting) Measurement
  • User Selectable Alloy Multipliers
  • Simple Operation
  • CE Compliant


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