Fixed Process Electrical Resistance (ER) Probe 2500/2500HT

Model 2500 fixed process probes have a thin walled cylindrical sensing element which is welded onto a body of the same material. No other materials are in contact with the corrosive medium. Welds are vacuum annealed during assembly to avoid preferential corrosion effects.

They may be used in aggressive organic or inorganic fluids over the entire pH range. These probes are standard in mild steel, 304 S.S. and 316 S.S. but can be supplied in other materials. These probes can not be removed while system is under pressure

Device Length Calculator

Need help figuring out what length ER Probe is required based on your pipeline size and application? Try Cosasco's new Device Length Calculator.


  • Suitable for Systems With Pressures up to 4000 psi
  • Ideal for use in Aggressive Organic or Inorganic Fluids
  • Rated for Pressures up to 4000 psi
  • Provide Large Surface Area for Measurement
  • High Temperature Versions of Probe Available


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