Retractable Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) Probe 8012/8022

These Models are ideal for direct mounting into plant pipework or vessels and allow insertion or removal while under system pressure. The electrode seals are suitable for all pH ranges. These probes employ two replaceable, identical electrodes which are mounted at the end of the probe by threaded, insulated studs. Two electrode probes are suitable for the majority of problems where LPR techniques are applicable. When monitored by “Solution Resistance Compensating” instruments such as the LPR RDC, Aquamate®, or Model 9030 they may be used in low conductivity solutions (see Fig. 1 of the LPR Probe Selection Guide). LPR Probes are used by major companies world-wide to measure corrosion in waterfloods, cooling water loops and other aqueous systems and to provide control of inhibitor addition for optimum economy and corrosion protection.

Device Length Calculator

Need help figuring out what length LPR Probe is required based on your pipeline size and application? Try Cosasco's new Device Length Calculator.


  • Ideal for Insertion & Removal While Under Pressure
  • Mounting - 1" Full Port Valve Minimum
  • Accurate LPR Corrosion Rate Monitoring
  • Replaceable Electrodes Available in a Variety of Alloys


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