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Our corrosion instrumentation and sensors are extremely sensitive and accurate, and are available for all industries as oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and utilities. Corrosion monitoring transmitters include High Speed ER, Standard ER and LPR, multi parameter environmental, and rouge monitoring solutions.
MICROCOR®  High Speed ER
The Microcor® corrosion monitoring technology has been developed to substantially increase the speed of response over conventional monitoring techniques, such as coupons, electrical resistance (ER) probes, and linear polarization resistance (LPR), and is functional in all environments. The ... [more]
Standard ER
Standard ER
Electrical Resistance (ER) instruments and probes determine metal loss from corrosion or erosion by the electrical resistance method. This method may be used in virtually any environment except liquid metals or some conductive molten salts. ER instruments directly measure the metal loss ... [more]
LPR Corrosion Monitoring Instrument
Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR)
Cosasco LPR is the most advanced electrochemical field instrumentation available for measuring corrosion rate and pitting tendency. Through patented solution resistance compensation (SRC), we have greatly extended the operating range beyond traditional two and three-electrode C (LPR) methods. ... [more]
Wireless High Speed ER
Wireless High Speed ER
Cosasco® Wireless Corrosion Monitoring System has redefined corrosion monitoring as a true process parameter. The system is based on Microcor patented high resolution corrosion measurement technology, the industries most widely used and only technologically advanced system capable of ... [more]
The ECM™ is a multiparameter monitoring system providing constant surveillance of the environment and rapid detection of any deterioration that could result in damage to expensive equipment and valuable assets. Early detection of humid, high temperature, or corrosive conditions will permit ... [more]


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