LPR Corrosion Rate Online Transmitter E9020

The E-9020 digital transmitter is designed for on-line corrosion monitoring of water systems in electrically hazardous areas, and is compatible with the same communication bus as the Microcor technology.

The most common use of the transmitter is for corrosion rate and pitting tendency in water systems.  However with a set galvanic electrode, the transmitter may be operated in a galvanic monitor mode, which is particularly useful in high pressure water injection systems for detection of low levels of oxygen in the parts per billion range (ppb), where conventional dissolved oxygen meters cannot be used.


  • Explosion-proof for hazardous area operation (UL/CSA/ATEX)
  • Compatible with Microcor® Multidrop Cable Bus
  • Corrosion Rate & Pitting Tendency Measurements
  • Widest Operational Range
  • Galvanic Monitor Mode
  • Potential Monitor Mode
  • Potential and Current Noise Mode
  • CE Compliant


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