Wireless Extender MWT-3905-WE

The Cosasco Wireless Extender MWT-3905-WE (WE) is a cost-effective way to expand mesh networks when outlying wireless devices exceed the range of the mesh formed by other nodes and the gateway.

The WE integrates seamlessly with other Cosasco® Wireless System devices using WirelessHART 7 protocol and can be set up and configured using Cosasco’s Wireless Tools Software.


  • Increases Coverage Area of Microcor® ER Wireless Transmitters
  • WirelessHART 7 Protocol
  • Seamlessly Integrates with M-310 and Emerson Smart Wireless Networks
  • International Hazardous Area Certifications
  • Easy Setup and Installation


  • Economical solution to increase the coverage area of Cosasco® Wireless System devices
  • Operation in almost any environment
  • Rated for hazardous locations
  • Low-cost installation with no wires or wiring required
  • Monitor in previously inaccessible areas due to technical or physical barriers to improve efficiency
  • Integrate seamlessly with Emerson’s Smart Wireless process control networks


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