Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) Probe Accessories

LPR and Temperature LPR probes are designed for safe installation and operation in various environments. Where danger of blowout exists, use of an appropriate safety device should be considered mandatory. This equipment is designed and tested for reliability, using established principles of operation.

Safety Clamps are required at pressures of 100 psi or greater and at temperatures of +150ºF or greater. The clamp provides a secondary back-up lock on retractable probes in the fully-inserted position, even during pressure transients.

The attached cable gauges the extent to which a probe may be retracted and, if necessary, holds the probe in that position under rated operating pressures.

The Order Number for the safety clamp assembly for retractable Models 8012 and 8022 LPR Probes IS 061431 - Probe Length (18", 24", 30" or 36").

Probe safety clamps are reusable and may be retrofitted to a probe in the field if required after retraction of the probe from the system.


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