CUI Electrical Resistance Probe Sensor

The CUI Electrical Resistance (ER) probe sensor is an individual electrical resistance (ER) probe that provides a measurement of the corrosion rate near the pipe surface. It is useful in determining the underlying cause of corrosion and the ability to measure changes in corrosion conditions, ie the effectiveness of repairs, temperature cycles or environmental changes eg after a severe rain storm.


  • Based on established Electrical Resistance (ER) technique
  • Provides a direct measurement of corrosion vis metal loss, corrosion rate and trends
  • Data used to identify key events causing corrosion eg effect of heavy rain storms, check on insulation repair performance, effects of operating temperature cycling etc.
  • Inserted through insulation, Sensor element positioned near surface of pipe
  • Low Cost, easy to install and interrogate using standard ER corrosion probe instrumentation
  • Applied on new pipelines, field joints, insulated process lines, can be installed on existing insulated pipe or as part of a repair
  • Potential Savings in inspection and associated repair costs
  • Does not require removal of insulation


  • Pipelines - under insulation
  • Process Lines - under insulation


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