CUI Corrosion Fuse Wire Sensor

The Insulated Braid Wire Sensor (patent pending) is designed to detect corrosion that has occurred over a relatively large area. A single insulated carbon steel wire of a certain element thickness, or multiple wires of varying thickness, eg 5 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil, and 20 mil thick wires, may be installed.

The time between the first wire corroding and the second (thicker) wire, and so on can be used to estimate the approximate rate at which the pipe surface is corroding. If installed under a tape coating, it can help determine the integrity of the coating and the corrosion on the pipe surface that may occur due to the coating breakdown.


  • Applied to surface of pipe as a continuous spiral or wire loop
  • Single or multiple, continuous wire detects corrosion over a relatively large area of cover
  • Multiple wire thickness option for determining corrosion rate
  • Low Cost , easy to install and interrogate
  • Applied on new pipelines, field joints, insulated process lines, installed after a repair
  • Potential Savings in inspection and associated repair costs
  • Requires removal of insulation


  • Pipelines - under insulation
  • Process Lines - under insulation


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