Major Pharmaceutical Company Saves $100,000 Annually with Online Rouge Monitoring

July 25, 2022

A multinational pharmaceutical company in Bloomington, Indiana saves $100,000 a year after partnering with Cosasco on rouge monitoring.

Major Pharmaceutical Company Saves $100,000 Annually with Online Rouge Monitoring

Industry: Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology


Multinational pharmaceutical company in Bloomington, Indiana, USA 

The Challenge

A multinational pharmaceutical company in Bloomington, Indiana was performing frequent derouging and passivation based on outdated, subjective Standard Operating Practices (SOP). The procedure did not take into account any quantitative rouge accumulation and rate. The lack of data-driven decision-making was leading to unnecessary shutdowns, extra chemical usage, and more administrative time, which prevented them from focusing on their production of life-saving products. Cosasco deployed an online Rouge Monitoring solution to help manage equipment shutdowns and improve their derouging procedure using real data from their own facility.

The Solution

Cosasco installed two Rouge Monitoring units in the facility’s Water for Injection (WFI) system. The units monitored the rouging accumulation and communicated this data directly to the facility’s control room. It was during one of their scheduled derouging procedures that the operations team realized that the actual rouge accumulation was significantly lower than the 200-nm limit required to initiate derouging (150-nm lower, to be exact). With this information, the company could safely reduce their derouging frequency, saving both time and money using real data straight from their facility.

The Results

The customer modified their derouging procedure based on the process data recorded by the Rouge Monitoring units. With this change, the Bloomington facility decreased the frequency of their derouging and passivation procedures while maintaining the quality and purity of their products. This ultimately saved them more than $100,000 per year because of the reduction in process downtime, production stoppage, and chemical utilization. Cosasco Rouge Monitoring helped this company take the guesswork out of their procedures and moved their business towards intelligent, data-driven decisions.

About Rouge Monitoring

The Wireless Rouge Monitoring system provides accurate measurement of ultralow corrosion (rouging) rates in high purity biopharmaceutical water systems. The rouging rates of typical ions in the water such as ferric, chromium, molybdenum and nickel oxides are measured to assist with the determination of derouging and passivation frequency. By installing a Rouge monitor, absolute measurements for rouge rate and rouge accumulation are provided. Learn more about how this simple Cosasco monitoring system can work to improve your business today.

Case Study Snapshot


Multinational pharmaceutical company in Bloomington, Indiana, USA


The company’s standard procedure for derouging and passivation frequency led to unnecessary downtime, chemical usage and third-party administration, all of which quickly incurred significant costs.


$100,000 is saved per year with the installation of the Rouge Monitoring System by Cosasco.

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