Wireless Rouge Monitoring System

The Wireless Rouge Monitoring system provides accurate measurement of ultralow corrosion (rouging) rates in high purity biopharmaceutical water systems. Monitoring the rouging rate of typical ions of ferric, chromium, molybdenum and nickel oxides in the water assists the determination of derouging and passivation frequency. The installation of a Rouge monitor provides absolute measurements for rouge rate and rouge accumulation (thickness).


The high sensitivity frontend probe consists of electropolished 316L stainless steel and probe assembly. The probe assembly is connected to a battery-operated wireless transmitter providing real-time data and seamless integration.


The WirelessHART protocol uses spread spectrum frequency hopping 2.4GHz radios. These radios communicate directly with the gateway or through other transmitters forming a mesh network. The WirelessHART gateway supports up to 100 units. The typical distance between transmitters is 300-900ft. The gateway is located in a central position, powered by 24VDC and connected to the DCS (Distributed Control System) system. Using a gateway, the rouging rate in microns/month and rouge accumulation in microns is displayed in the DCS, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), BMS (Building Management System), data highway, or process control system.


  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Detects real-time rouge rate
  • Optimizes chemical dosage


  • Ultrapure Water Systems


The Wireless Rouge Monitoring System Includes:

  • Transmitter
  • Probe
  • Gateway


  • Rouge Measurement Range: 0.001 – 10 μ (1 to 10,000 nanometer)
  • Rouging Rate: 0 to 9.999 μ/month
  • Communication: WirelessHART 7 Protocol
  • Operating Range: 100-0.025 μS/cm conductivity 0.01-40 MΩ-cm resistivity


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