Microcor® High-Sensitivity Erosion Probes

Cosasco offers a range of metal loss sensors and instrumentation, designed specifically to detect sand erosion at speeds approaching real-time.

Sensing elements for the erosion/corrosion measurement system can be made from almost any commercially available, alloy. Less corrosion-resistant materials, such as carbon steel, will show the combined effects of corrosion, and erosion, whereas more resistant alloys, such as 316 or duplex stainless steel or Hastelloy, will show erosion effects exclusively.


Cosasco offers two versions of the Erosion Probes:

  • S4500 Probe: a rugged, all welded cylindrical element with a specially designed element support shield suitable for severe flow or high-temperature applications.
  • S4700 Probe: an angled element, exposed to the flow at a 45° angle, simulating a change in direction in the pipe. The maximum temperature of this probe is 400°F and is recommended for less severe flow rates of less than 25 ft/sec.

Both these probes are mounted in the Cosasco line of high-pressure access fittings; however, alternative mounting methods are available. Please contact the factory for more information.

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