Integrated Corrosion Monitoring System ICMS™

The Integrated Corrosion Management System ICMS is the most comprehensive and powerful online corrosion monitoring system available. It is ideally suited for medium- to large-scale systems, or for small systems with the need for future growth.

The ICMS3 allows integration of all Cosasco corrosion, erosion, and cathodic protection products, including the latest in Microcor metal loss technology, and LPR corrosion, pitting, and galvanic transmitters.

The ICMS3 corrosion management server is the hub of the corrosion or erosion monitoring system, integrating several forms of corrosion monitoring and process data into one complete online system, shared over a variety of communication links.

Corrosion and erosion monitoring can be managed as process parameters with constant data streaming into your preferred system.


  • Total Corrosion Data Management
  • Data Exchange with DCS/PCS/SCADA Systems
  • Correlate Corrosion & Process Data
  • Enables Highly Cost-Effective Asset Management
  • Designed Specifically for Corrosion Management Personnel
  • Full Client-Server Operation


  • Significant return on investment
  • Total corrosion data management
  • Highly cost-effective asset management
  • Cosasco system support and service


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