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Corrosion Coupons and Holders

Cosasco offers solutions for corrosion prevention and control such as a variety of coupon holder styles to suit your application. 

Strip Coupon Holders:  Used to suspend either 3" or 6" corrosion coupons in the area to be monitored. Attached to the bottom of the solid plug by means of a left-handed thread, the coupon holder also serves as a primary packing retainer. The single tongue of the corrosion coupon holder allows use of one or two coupons, insulated or uninsulated. 

Disc Coupon Holders: These offer several corrosion monitoring advantages over Strip Coupon Holder Assemblies: there is no need to orient corrosion coupons in relation to product flow direction, they offer more exposed surface at the pipeline wall surfaces, and can allow corrosion coupon monitoring without interfering with pigging operations.

Multiple Disc Coupon Holders:  Available for pipes with diameters of 6" or more. This pipeline corrosion protection method offers the following advantages: inherent orientation parallel to flow, greater surface area at a specific level, greater quantity and variety of coupon materials, easier monitoring in stratified or multi-phase flow, and corrosion coupons location in recess area of access fitting for monitoring in gas pockets or stagnant areas. Consider the multiple disc coupon corrosion holder for reliable corrosion prevention and control.

Ladder Strip Coupon Holders:  Suspends six strip corrosion coupons (3 pair) from a single access fitting point. The Coupon Holder has a left-hand threaded nut which attaches it to the bottom of the Cosasco Solid Plug Assembly and also serves as a primary packing retainer. Extending from the nut is a single blade with variously spaced holes for corrosion coupon mounting hardware. 



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