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July 28, 2022

One of the major causes of unplanned downtime is corrosion, and to protect pipelines from leaks and catastrophic events, chemical inhibitors are injected. Here’s how corrosion monitoring can increase sustainability and lower the cost of injection processes.

Optimizing Chemical Dosage and Reducing Waste

One of the major causes of unplanned downtime is corrosion. Highly corrosive media can degrade the structural integrity of a pipeline, leading to leaks and potentially catastrophic events. To protect pipelines from corrosion, operators inject a chemical inhibitor, but chemical over-treatment can be costly and impacts the environment downstream. According to AMPP (NACE), $10.5 billion is spent in chemical injection in the oil and gas industry. 20% of the expense on chemicals is estimated to be waste from over-injection. 

More information, better dosing

Corrosion monitoring and chemical injection go hand in hand and are vital when it comes to defending against the devastating effects of corrosion. Knowing when and how much chemicals should be used for treatment will mitigate uncertainty and is fundamental to any preventative and proactive asset integrity program. The effects of the inhibitor can be seen almost immediately in the reduction of corrosion rate, assuring accurate dosing every single time.

Complete corrosion control is at the heart of Cosasco’s innovations. Our flagship monitoring device, Microcor, helps operators make better decisions and reduce chemical waste.

Rapid response, accurate dosing

Cosasco conducted an inhibitor screening trial at a refinery operation by a major Oil & Gas company. Three Standard Resolution Electrical Resistance (ER) Probes were installed in-line alongside a Microcor system. With a faster response rate, the Microcor provided accurate results in 1/10 of the time it took the ER system to complete. Faster speed enables finer control and enables a more efficient use of equipment. As seen in the trial, Microcor decreases chemical injection usage by up to 90%, allowing for operators to not only minimize the costs associated with injection but also to be more sustainable with chemical waste reduction. More information on Cosasco’s collaboration with this Oil & Gas company can be found in the case study.

About Microcor

Microcor is Cosasco’s flagship ER technology with industry-leading precision. Available in online and offline communication, this solution monitors the corrosivity of the pipe medium and allows for greater flexibility. Learn more about Microcor and connect with an expert to increase your sustainability and minimize your injection costs.

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