Side-Stream Assembly

Cosasco side-stream monitor provides a simple, portable, and flexible survey tool that can be rapidly deployed to provide metal loss, corrosion rate, erosion rate, pressure, temperature, flow, and bacterial activity according to your requirements. The tool is built of easily-connected 1” tees, each with a different monitoring technology, so you can pick and choose the number and types of monitoring required for each particular application.

The upstream side of the tool is a connection to a convenient point into your system through flexible high-pressure hoses. The downstream side is connected to a lower pressure point in the system with another flexible high-pressure hose. The valves, pressure gauges, and flowmeter on the tool allow you to ensure that you have proper representative flow through the CSSA to provide reliable survey data on which to implement an optimized asset management control plan. The CSSA survey tool can be used for operating pressures up to 1125 psi and temperatures up to 200C in its standard form.


The Side-Stream Assembly installs quickly to provide metal loss, corrosion rate, erosion rate, pressure, temperature, flow, and bacterial activity in your pipelines. Configured to meet your specific requirements, the Assembly includes multiple, easily connected 1” tees. Each tee is configured with your choice of the following monitoring technologies, allowing a customized monitoring system that can include:

  • Microcor® Electrical High-Speed Resistance (ER)
  • Bio-Probes
  • Metal Loss Coupons
  • Process Parameters

For more detailed information on these technologies see the individual datasheets. Process parameter measuring Integrated with the above technologies, the Side-Stream Assembly quickly gives you a clear picture of your particular corrosive environment. This allows you to rapidly evaluate inhibitor injection rate changes or the effectiveness of alternate inhibitors.


Gain immediate, improved, and economical asset management

Corrosion inhibitors are effective but must be delivered at the proper rate. The price of over-protection is high, but the consequences of under-protection can be catastrophic. Given existing budget constraints, it has never been more important to effectively control your corrosion inhibitor program. The Side-Stream Assembly provides reliable corrosion monitoring while maximizing corrosion inhibitor efficiency. The result is immediate, improved, and economical asset management.

Key benefits of Cosasco’s Side-Stream Assembly:

  • Reduces corrosion inhibitor use enough to pay for itself, typically within one year
  • Quick ship
  • Quick installation with no plant shutdown required
  • Provides data within minutes instead of days
  • Easy to use
  • First costs much lower than conventional systems
  • Flexible configuration; multiple monitoring options
  • Easily moved to the next test location
  • No plant shutdown required for installation
  • Measures multiple process parameters including temperature, pressure, and flow rate


The Cosasco Side-Stream Assembly is typically used for oil and gas applications, including wellheads. It also can be used for process or water systems, and for other plant operations that require corrosion monitoring.


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