Non-Intrusive Underground Pipe Thickness Monitor

Ultracorr utilizes high sensitivity ultrasonic technology to provide non-intrusive monitoring of corrosion and erosion. The instrument can be used to log multiple transducers from a common connection point, to provide periodic time and date stamped measurements of wall thickness.

Ultracorr is ideally suited to form the backbone of an ICDA asset integrity system for pipeline operators. Sensors are permanently attached to the exposed surface in areas such as low lying spots, drips on other locations where corrosion should be monitored.


  • Non-intrusive
  • Ideal for ICDA* Compliance
  • Highest Resolution Transducer Available
  • Portable Instrument
  • Automatic Corrosion Data Collection
  • Automatic Download to PC
  • Battery Operated for Maximum Versatility
  • Smart Sensor Enables Electronic Tagging
  • Resolution of 0.1 mil (0.0001 inches) provides true corrosion monitoring


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