Heavy Duty Underground Electrical Resistance (ER) Probes 620HD/650

Model 620HD and 650 ER probes are designed for underground and structural monitoring of pipelines, vessels, above and below ground storage tanks and structures — whether cathodically protected or not.

The Model 620HD is a heavy duty assembly with a check element which is suited to the “construction site” environment.

The Model 650 probe is economical and durable. Its slim profile is convenient for locations with restricted access such as concrete bridge structures and other infrastructure applications.

Both probes provide good sealing to the reference element, and the check element provides confidence in the continued performance of the corrosion sensor. Either probe can be connected (or not connected) to a cathodically protected structure.


  • Service Conditions — Heavy Duty
  • Operation — Grounding Lead Option for Use With Cathodically Protected Structures
  • Probe Construction — Injection Molded/Epoxy (620HD)
  • Measure/Reference & Check Element (620HD) All   Welded
  • Elements: Measure, Reference and Check (650)
  • Cable Connection — Heavy Duty Length as Required (620HD) Heavy Duty Length with Bonded Heat Shrink Sleeving Onto Element (650)


  • Gas plants
  • Refineries
  • Offshore platforms
  • Tank Farms
  • Chemical and Petro


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