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Every year, USD $53 billion is spent to protect against atmospheric corrosion. The cost will continue to grow, as air contamination is on the rise, and maintaining controlled, corrosion-free environments is becoming increasingly difficult.

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The AirIQ Solution

AirIQ provides real-time air quality monitoring to indicate a corrosive environment well before damage to critical assets can occur. Our hypersensitive ER technology eliminates uncertainty by measuring the direct effect of airborne contaminants.

The Benefits

Technical Specifications

G1-GX (ISA 71.04-2013)

Corrosion Severity Level

5000 Å

Sensor Life

10% to 95%

Relative Humidity Reading

0°C to +50°C

Temperature Reading (+32°F to +122°F)

0 to 0.5 i.w.g.

Differential Pressure Reading


7” Color LED display

Ethernet, 4-20mA



Terminal Block Connection

Product Dimensions

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Pulp & Paper

Papermaking involves several complex chemical processes that release corrosive contaminants into the air, threatening the health of critical machinery.

Data Centers

The latest free cooling trends, while an important step in energy conservation, allow outside pollution to interact with the electronics housed in data centers. In order to prevent airborne contaminants from corroding this sensitive equipment, data center environments must be closely monitored.


Remote Instrument Enclosures provide controlled housing in otherwise unpredictable environments. The equipment stored in RIEs must be closely regulated and protected from the volatile processes outside.

Museums & Archives

Museums and archives are home to delicate, irreplaceable works. To keep these pieces in pristine condition, they must be kept in controlled environments and monitored regularly to ensure protection against damaging airborne contaminants.

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AirIQ Powered by ER Technology

AirIQ operates using ER (electrical resistance) technology. The electrical resistance of hypersensitive coupons is measured as they corrode in response to the environment. This provides a direct calculation of the corrosion rate due to airborne contaminants.

Cosasco ER Technology vs QCM

“Electrical resistance sensors measure corrosion, i.e. metal loss, directly and can be adapted for use under various corrosivity conditions. These sensors are not directly affected by particles, water films, etc., and are thus considered most suited for general use.”

– Corrosion and Metals Research Institute and Institut de la Corrosion


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Product Manager, Earn Sakornpan, recently sat down for an interview with the Paper360 Better Together Podcast at the TAPPICon LIVE! Event. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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