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Corrosion Monitoring Products




COSASCO® Magnetriever


 Magnetic Retriever
The Magnetriever™ (MAG-6) is a revolutionary, patented (pending) design, offering a light weight, compact, non-telescoping retrieval tool for high pressure systems. Read more...


Rohrback Cosasco Systems Corrosion Monitoring & Chemical Injection Systems

Rohrback Cosasco Systems (RCS) is the world leader in corrosion monitoring technology. Since 1950, RCS has provided leading-edge corrosion monitoring and chemical injection solutions for such diverse industries as oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and utilities. Corrosion is an enormous cost to these industries as measured in equipment maintenance and replacement, leaks, and system failures. RCS helps dramatically reduce this waste by delivering corrosion monitoring equipment and services, extending equipment and asset life.


  • Rohrback Cosasco Systems is Acquired by Halma plc. Read More..
  • New Office Location in Sharjah, UAE

In order to provide real-time corrosion monitoring service and support to our customers in the Middle-East, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new office location in Sharjah, UAE. Contact Us.

  • Version 1.0.5 of RCS's Device Length Calculator Released  

The DLC is a quick and easy way to figure out the length of mechanical probe or device based upon your specific pipeline specifications. The DLC can be used to calculate lengths for Microcor®, Corrosometer®, and Corrater®  corrosion monitoring Probes; and COSASCO® Coupon Holders and Injection and Sampling Tubes. Click here for the latest version.

  • Product Selector for Corrosion Monitoring equipment
    We have added a new feature to our product pages to make product selection quicker and easier. The product selector allows you to build your part (s) according to your specifications and submit for quote instantly to our customer service department or your local representative. Read more....


DCMS™ Downhole Corrosion Monitoring System


COSASCO® Wireless Corrosion Monitoring System


  Corrosion Monitoring Solutions Presentation

Cosasco Side-Stream Corrosion and Process Monitoring Cosasco Wireless Corrosion Monitoring Corrosion Monitoring Solutions
The DCMS™ tool is the only tool available which provides recorded corrosion and temperature data for the hostile conditions of downhole operation. The sensitivity of the system enables the film persistence of inhibitors to be evaluated in actual operating conditions.

The COSASCO® Wireless System offers high speed, wireless internal corrosion monitoring in all process environments. Cosasco Wireless Transmitters integrate seamlessly with Emersons Smart Wireless Devices.

Not familiar with RCS corrosion monitoring products and systems? Take a quick look at the following presentation and see how RCS can provide you with all your internal corrosion monitoring needs, from coupons and probes to comprehensive online systems.
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