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Temperature is one of the most important controllable factors affecting corrosion rate, particularly in refineries, chemical and petrochemical process plants. A rule of thumb is that corrosion rates double for each 10 degrees C temperature ruse. The ability to track temperature and corrosion rate simultaneously is a powerful tool in the corrosion management of such plants. The CORROSOMETER® CORROTEMP® patented measurement ER probe series allows metal loss and temperature information to be collected simply at the corrosion monitoring location where it is important. By using a CORROTEMP® ER probe, you won’t have to spend time searching for a separate temperature measurement that may not even exist for the area you want to monitor. The temperature measurement has been incorporated into the ER probes using the same stand 6 pin connectors of the standard CORROSOMETER® ER probe range - no external separate connectors or special adaptors with additional pins are required. The originality of the design permits both local and remote monitoring to be accomplished with accuracy.