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SAFR Services

SAFR Corrosion Management Services

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The Cosasco SAFR (Surveyed Access Fitting Register) program is designed to assist in the short and long term maintenance of access fittings. The program can be used solely to audit systems, or in tandem with service campaigns such as coupon and data retrieval. With life extension of assets and the general increase in number of monitoring systems, it’s increasingly important that systems are surveyed to ensure that material selection is fit for purpose as well as the overall physical condition of the fitting.

Non-OEM parts exist in facilities where third part or competing contractors carry out maintenance and monitoring. This can lead to serious consequences as often times materials installed do not match the material retrieved. Simple errors can lead to unmanaged risk. Correct device selection and orientation is extremely important to achieving reliable data and ensuring plant integrity. Erosion probes and Chemical injection devices are especially critical.

The SAFR app is installed on Zone 1 tablets and the app ensures that all critical information related to an access fitting is gathered methodically. Built in critical steps of online or offline retrieval procedures ensure adherence to work instructions, JSA’s and risk assessment. Field data can sync to our cloud server to generate a daily report for easy access by both client and Cosasco field management. A database is built up over time and records material selection to ensure piping design compliance.

  • Verify correct material selection when replacing critical components exposed to process
  • SAFR Corrosion Monitoring ServicesAdhere to client approved procedures through a step process built into the app and time stamped
  • Easy access to a field database with latest analysis data, details of service history and photographs
  • Compliments surveys for thread condition assessment on extended life facilities
  • Verify and maintain safety critical information from seal and plug history to device orientation
  • Fully integrated with Cosasco Offline/Online software
Please contact our Cosasco Care team member to find out more and to arrange a presentation.

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