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Safety Awareness Training

We are committed to ensuring that all users of our equipment work safely and efficiently. Fully anticipating the infinite variety of conditions that may be encountered in the field would be impossible, but we have designed our training programs to emphasize safe working practices, and as much as possible, to convey the full benefit of our knowledge and collective experience.

Course content emphasizes:
Safe operation and working practices
Explains the basic design and operation of the various Cosasco tools

Course Description

Course content emphasizes safe working practices, explains the basic design and operation of the various Cosasco tools, and is recommended for anyone who will use Cosasco products, or who simply wants to know more about the system. Training is delivered through multimedia presentations, as well as through printed material handed out to trainees, and can be delivered anywhere suitable facilities are available.  Physical demonstrations with retrievers, service valves, and retractors on non-pressurized stands may be arranged by special request.

Cosasco Work Instructions (as used by our own people) will be issued to the customer, and their designated point of contact will be added to our distribution list for future updates and bulletins.  A certificate of completion will be issued to attendees specifying which module or modules they have completed.

Cosasco Trainers have extensive practical experience in the manufacture, assembly, and field use of our tools, access fittings and other equipment, as well as training related to hydrogen sulphide and other hazardous materials.

Training Modules:







Depending on the Module, topics covered include:

  • Retriever/Retractor Overview
  • Access fittings, coupons and probes
  • Coupon insertion and retrieval 
  • Probe insertion and retrieval
  • Back-pressuring
  • Environmental safety
  • Personal and peer safety
  • Pressure related safety hazards
  • Safety issues related to abnormal operating conditions
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Risk assessments
  • Special service tools and accessories, such as overshot adaptor, surge tube, backpressure pump, thread chaser and pipe plug adapter.
  • Retriever and Service Valve disassembly, servicing and assembly
  • Pressure testing procedures for Retrievers and Service Valves
  • Identifying and managing potentially hazardous situations such as leaks
  • Retriever and service valve overhaul and Repair  


Course Registration

Please contact our CosascoCare team for further details.



Q:  Does Cosasco offer on-site training at the Customer’s facilities?

A:  Yes, subject to certain minimum requirements.  For example, we are happy to train personnel in the field, at operating pressure, using the customer’s tools, provided those tools have acceptable service records and at least two persons, one of whom may be our Trainer, have Cosasco field experience.


Q:  After training an operative in the field, does Cosasco certify that the person is competent to work on their own?

A:  No, we are happy to offer our opinion on an individual’s performance, but we do not certify competence.


Q:  Does Cosasco offer classroom training for hot tapping?

A:  No, but we will be happy to offer training in the field at the Customer’s facilities.


Q:  Does Cosasco offer training on pressurized test loops?

A:  No, because we fear they may instill a false sense of field experience.


Q:  Will Cosasco audit a Customer’s field service department?

A:  Yes, we will perform an audit and provide a written report of our findings.  Please note, however, that our audit service is not accredited by any third party agency.  All findings will be held in strict confidence.


Q:  Are there any minimum or maximum number of Trainees allowed?

A:  No, but extra may be charged for course materials for large numbers.



Our training programs are delivered in a classroom environment and, as such, cannot, nor are they meant to supplant the unmatched value of field experience, or the benefit of training alongside an experienced Cosasco operative in the field.  Cosasco, its affiliates and employees assume no liability arising from the use of, or reliance on the information provided in any of the Cosasco System Safety Awareness programs.  Persons or organizations utilizing such information or materials presented and/or included for any purpose, do so at their/its own risk.


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