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Rouge Monitor

The Rouge Monitor provides accurate measurement of ultra-low corrosion (rouging) rates in pharmaceutical water systems. The Rouge Monitor is ideal for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and other industries where monitoring corrosion in metallic piping is critical. 

The installation and use of a Rouge Monitor unit presents a scientific approach to derouging and passivation frequency with absolute measurements for rouge rate and rouge accumulation (thickness).
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Rouge Monitor Datasheet

  • Ultra-Sensitive
  • Alarm for Abnormal Conditions
  • Rapid Measurements for rouging rates and accumulation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Remote monitoring with data logging
  • On-line determination of rouge deposition, rouge thickness without sampling, labor and laboratory testing is inexpensive, dynamic, and integrateble to existing computer and networking schemes.
  • Passivation and repassivation frequencies based on science and need. Not QC queasiness.
  • Rouge Monitoring Units are inexpensive: saving one passivation annually will pay for the unit many times over.
  • Cost savings: Tens of Thousands to Hundreds of Thousands of dollars per year per site.
  • Installation of units is based on number of loops with risk-based management and assessments.
  • Hot Water Systems
  • High Temperature WFI Systems SS and Metallic Storage Tanks
  • SS and Metallic Equipment and Accessories
  • High Temperature Clean-in-Place systems 
The following documents are available for your reference. If you require any further product information, please Contact Us.

Rouge in Pharmaceutical and Water and Steam Systems

Rouge Monitor User Manual


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