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48 Hour Quick Ship

Cosasco offers quick delivery on some of our most common corrosion monitoring products and replacement parts. After receipt of order and upon request, products are shipped in 48 hours or less. Contact us to place an order.  


The following is a list of products available for 48 hour shipping. Please note there are limited quantities available. Contact us for availability.

Microcor® High Speed ER

Product   Part Number
MT-9485A Wired Transmitter   MT-9485A
MWT-3905 Wireless Transmitter, Aluminum Housing, WirelessHART7   MWT-3905-0-0
MWT-3905 Wireless Transmitter, Aluminum Housing, WirelessHART7, No Battery   MWT-3905-0-0-NB
MWT-3905 Wireless Transmitter, Stainless Steel Housing, WirelessHART7   MWT-3905-1-0
MWT-3905 Wireless Transmitter, Stainless Steel Housing, WirelessHART7, No Battery   MWT-3905-1-0-NB
MWT-3905-MDL All-in-one Data-logger   MWT-3905-MDL-0
MWT-3905-MDL All-in-one Data-logger, Without Battery   MWT-3905-MDL-0-NB
MWT-3905-WE Wireless Extender, Aluminum Housing, WirelessHART7   MWT-3905-WE-0
MT-9485A Transmitter Installation Kit   702109
Lithium Power Supply for MWT, CWT, QWT, MWT-MDL, and WE   748400

Cosasco® Access Equipment

Product   Part Number
High Pressure    
RBS Retriever, 6000 PSI, 25 inch   RBS-25
Seal Kit for RBS/RBSA Retriever   210237
Repair Kit for RBS/RBSA Retriever   210238
3600 PSI Service Valve Fire Rated   601001
3600 PSI Service Valve   601041
Repair Kit for Cosasco 3600 PSI Fire Rated Service Valve   210501
Seal Kit for 3600 PSI Fire Rated Service Valve   210502
Solid Plug Assembly   550000-1-1
Hollow Plug Assembly   550100-1-1
6202 Adjustable Disc Coupon Holder   6202-ADJS
CI Flush Disc Coupon, Mild Steel   CI-D-G10180-0-3-0-0
CI 3" Strip Coupon   CI-S3-G10180-0-0-0-0
CI 3" Strip Scale Coupon   CI-SC-G10180-0-0-0-0
6300 Injection Tube, 2 inch   6300-2.00
Heavy Duty Cover, with Bleed Valve and Pressure Gauge, 10,000 PSI   740090
Low Pressure    
60 Retractor, 24 inch   603000-24
60 Retractor, 36 inch   603000-36
Access Valve Assembly, Carbon Steel, 1 inch   061500-4
6210 Retractable Strip Coupon Holder, 18 inch   6210-18-1
6210 Retractable Strip Coupon Holder, 24 inch   6210-24-1
CI 3" Retractable Strip Coupon, Mild Steel   CI-RS-G10180-0-0-0-0
6330 Retractable Injection/Sampling Tube Assembly with Safety Clamp   6330-24-1

Standard ER

Product   Part Number
4020LT Instrument, for Cylindrical Probe, Fixed & Adj Probe Connector, Standard Cable   4020LT-SP-B-0
ECM Environmental Condition Monitor with Differential Pressure Transmitter, 115 V   ECM-2-0-115
Checkmate Portable Instrument   CHECKMATE
Checkmate DL Portable Instrument   CHECKMATE-DL-1
4700 Adjustable Probe, Flush 10 or 20 mil Element, Carbon Steel, 1.25 inch   4700-ADJ-S10-K03005-1.25-0
4700 Adjustable Probe, Flush 20 mil Element, Carbon Steel, 1.25 inch   4700-ADJ-S20-K03005-1.25-0
610 ER Thin Film Sensor, Copper   610-TF50-C11000
610 ER Thin Film Sensor, Silver   610-TF50-P07010


Product   Part Number
9030 Plus Two Channel Corrosion Rate Instrument, 115 Vac   9030PLUS-2-115
9020-OEM 4-20 mA Loop Transmitter Module   9020-OEM
Rouge Monitor Display Unit, 115 Vac   710690-115
Aquamate Portable Instrument   AQUAMATE
6112 LPR Probe, 7.55 inch   6112-0-0-0
6112 LPR Probe, 7.55 inch, with 3/4 inch NPT Adjustable Nylon Tube Fitting   6112-0-0-1
6112 LPR Probe, 3.5 inch   6112-1-0-0
6112 LPR Probe, 3.5 inch, with 3/4 inch NPT Adjustable Nylon Tube Fitting   6112-1-0-1
7012 LPR Fixed NPT Probe, 5 inch   7012-0-0
Electrodes Copper 110ETP   060814-C11000
Electrodes Arsenical Admiralty Brass (CDA #443)   060814-C44300
Electrodes Copper-Nickel 90/10 (CDA#706)   060814-C70610
Electrodes Carbon Steel   060814-K03005
Electrodes 304 Stainless Steel   060814-S30400
Electrodes 316 Stainless Steel   060814-S31600
Electrodes 316L Stainless Steel    060814-S31603



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