Wireless Gateway R-1410

The R-1410 Wireless Gateway manages and connects Cosasco Wireless System devices including, Microcor® Wireless Transmitters (MWT’s), Erosion Wireless Transmitter (QWT), LPR Wireless Transmitters (CWT), Cosasco®  Wireless Extenders (WE), and other WirelessHART transmitters to a host system through a high-security spread spectrum communication network.

The gateway is easily configured through a web interface and provides a connection to the host system through OPC, Modbus over IP, and Modbus serial interface. The R-1410 Wireless Gateway is ideal for monitoring corrosion systems because of its flexibility and for adding monitoring points that were previously uneconomical.


When used only for Corrosion Management Systems, the gateway serves as a direct connection to Cosasco’s Intelligent Interface Unit for smaller-scale systems. The Gateway supports up to 25 Wireless Transmitters/Extenders or a combination of Cosasco Wireless devices and other WirelessHART devices. The Wireless Gateway is certified for North America, Class I, Div 2.

The Wireless Gateway provides industry-leading security, scalability, and data reliability.  Layered security ensures that the network stays protected.  Additional Cosasco Wireless devices or other WirelessHART devices can be added at any time.  There is no need to configure communication paths because the Gateway manages the network automatically.  This feature also ensures that WirelessHART field devices have the most reliable path to send data.


  • Connects Cosasco® Wireless devices and other WirelessHART™ transmitters to any host system
  • Easy system integration via Ethernet and serial connections
  • Easy configuration via a web interface
  • High integrity security and reliability
  • Supports up to 25 wireless devices
  • Ideal for Cosasco Intelligent Interface Unit for small scale systems
  • FM and CSA approved


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