R-Y410 Management Station

The R-Y410 is based on wireless communications standard ISA100 Wireless for industrial automation of the International Society of Automation (ISA). This product has a system manager/security manager/gateway function based on ISA100 Wireless and combining this with Field Wireless Access Point (R-Y510) and Cosasco Wireless Devices composes the field wireless system.


R-Y410 field wireless management station manages and connects Cosasco Wireless System devices and other ISA100 wireless devices to a host system through a high-security spread spectrum communication network. The R-Y410 is easily configurable and integrates into a distributed control system through serial or ethernet connections. The R-Y410 is scalable supporting up to 500 wireless devices and is certified for Class I, Div2, and Zone 2. The R-Y410 can communicate directly with the host system using Modbus TCP/IP integration over an Ethernet interface and supports communication with host applications using OPC.


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