Portable Electrical Resistance (ER) Instrument Checkmate™ Plus

The Checkmate Plus provides higher resolution and measurement accuracy of ER (Electrical Resistance) corrosion probes. The measurement cycle time for direct probe readings has been reduced to 30 seconds while still maintaining high accuracy. The Checkmate Plus has the capability to download stored corrosion data from Integrated Remote Data Collectors. Stored readings are easily downloaded to a PC where graphing and analysis can be performed with Integrated Plus Software.


  • Reads all ER (Electrical Resistance) Corrosion Probes
  • Downloads Stored Corrosion Data From Corrdata® Remote Data Collectors
  • Measurement Resolution – 0.1 Probe Divisions (0.01% of Probe Span)
  • Repeatability - ± 1 Division (0.1% of Probe Span)
  • Rapid Measurement Cycle – 30 Sec.
  • Downloads Stored Readings Directly to PC


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