ISA100 Wireless System

Cosasco Wireless System has redefined corrosion monitoring as a true process parameter. The system is based on Microcor patented high resolution corrosion measurement technology. The 2.4 GHz self-organizing wireless network delivers exceptional data reliability and network stability through its high security communication.

The Cosasco Wireless System includes Microcor Wireless Transmitters (MWT), Erosion Wireless Transmitters (QWT),  LPR Wireless Transmitters (CWT)*, and Cosasco Wireless Extenders (WE)*. With ISA100 Wireless communication protocol, wireless transmitters can be added seamlessly to Yokogawa Field Wireless Networks or via direct input from the Wireless Management Station through Modbus Interface to virtually any Process Automation System (PAS).


  • Highly Secure and Reliable Self Organizing Wireless Mesh and Star Network Configurations
  • High Resolution Metal Loss Measurement for all Process Environments
  • Direct Input Through Modbus Interface to Virtually any Process Automation System
  • Low Installed cost
  • International Hazardous Area Certifications
  • ISA 100 Wireless Protocol Seamlessly Integrates With Yokogawa, Honeywell, & GE Wireless Networks


The Wireless Corrosion Monitoring System benefits:

  • Rated for Hazardous Locations
  • High resolution, sensitivity, and accuracy
  • Corrosion rates in real-time, 50 times faster than standard ER
  • Operation in almost any environment
  • Corrosion rate measurement in any process flow, including conductive and non-conductive fluids
  • Real-time, continuous, online corrosion data
  • Direct metal loss and corrosion rate data flow into DCS or SCADA

The Wireless Corrosion Monitoring System is further enhanced with wireless benefits:

  • Low Cost installation - no wires or wiring required
  • Monitor in previously inaccessible areas due to technical or physical barriers – Improve efficiency
  • Integrate seamlessly with Emerson’s Smart Wireless process control networks
  • Economical starting point for upgrading from wired to wireless process control system

Cost savings:

  • Dramatically reduced installation costs in terms of materials and labor
  • Reduced chemical inhibitor cost
  • Extends the times between shutdowns
  • Extend asset life and reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduced labor costs in terms of data collection


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