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Microcor is the result of patented technology which combines the rapid response of LPR and the universal applicability of ER. 
The Microcor Transmitter is rated explosion-proof to the latest ATEX, UL and CSA standards, and it communicates over an RS 485 Field Bus. This design has the advantage of a more economical field installation cost. A single cable may be used to connect up to 32 transmitters with a single cable run. This single multi-drop cable contains the 24 VDC supply to power the transmitters and the RS 485 communication bus. This design avoids the need to run a cable to each transmitter which is required with other designs.
For dedicated on-line systems the RS 485 bus is connected from isolating RS 485 cards mounted directly in the monitoring computer. A separate 24 VDC supply is also required to power the Microcor transmitters.
The Microcor® corrosion monitoring technology has been developed to substantially increase the speed of response over conventional monitoring techniques, such as coupons, electrical resistance (ER) probes, and linear polarization resistance (LPR), and is functional in all environments. The ... [more]
Microcor® corrosion monitoring Probes are an integral component of the high-resolution Microcor® system. Special design of the probes provides advanced thermal performance, and reliable internal corrosion monitoring in all environments including sour service. 


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