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Microbiological Monitoring and Data Collection

MICROBIOLOGICAL MONITORING AND DATA COLLECTIONCosasco offers on-site microbiological services including, sessile/plank-tonic microbiological sampling, full plank-tonic audits, and Orbisphere surveys. Advanced sampling and increased microbiological capabilities are also offered upon request. 
According to the NACE Standard Test Method for Detecting, Testing, and Evaluation of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion in Internal Surfaces of Pipelines, MIC should be correlated with metal loss and pitting data from corrosion coupons and probes. With CosascoCare’s combined coupon/probe retrieval and MIC data collection services, operators reduce manpower hours and benefit from industry experts. 
Cosasco technicians provide data and analysis for corrosion rate and microbiological data in a detailed report so proper action can be taken to reduce MIC corrosion issues.
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