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Swarm® Non-Intrusive Real-time Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring System

Swarm® is a high resolution ultrasonic corrosion and erosion monitoring system which provides rapid response to wall thickness changes in pipelines, topsides and vessels. It is non-intrusive, installed and operated without interfering with asset production.

Swarm® provides fast, accurate and repeatable wall thickness measurements which makes it a cost effective tool for real-time monitoring of corrosion and erosion concerns throughout the operators asset. When integrated with our Microcor® high resolution ER technology it can also be a highly effective tool to monitor the effectiveness of chemical inhibitor programs.

The Swarm® multi array sensor matrix is retrofittable and installed simply by strapping Swarm® sensors to the pipe. There is no requirement to remove coatings, no gluing, no welding or no hot work permits required. Swarm® wall thickness monitoring is based on the well-established ultrasonic pulse-echo NDT method.

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